Transportation Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct Regarding Tansportation

Title 14 Education

Delaware Administrative Code

9.0 Pupil Conduct on School Buses

9.1 Districts shall have a policy concerning the behavior of pupils on school buses that shall, at a minimum, contain the following rules which if not followed may result in the suspension or denial of bus riding privileges:

9.1.1 Obey the driver promptly, and be courteous to the driver and to fellow pupils. Pupils are to conduct themselves while on the bus in such a way that they shall not distract the driver from driving tasks.

9.1.2 Be at their bus stop on time or as required by their District for pickup.

9.1.3 Wait in a safe manner for the bus on the sidewalk or shoulder, not the roadway.

9.1.4 Keep a safe distance from the bus while it is in motion.

9.1.5 Enter the bus when verbally directed to by the bus driver or aide without crowding or disturbing others and occupy their seats immediately.

9.1.6 Get on or off the bus only when it is stopped.

9.1.7 Remain seated and facing forward.

9.1.8 No student shall occupy a position in the driver area in front of a barrier or white floor line that may distract the driver's attention or interfere with the driver's vision.

9.1.9 Stay out of the driver’s seat. Also, unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited while the bus is in motion.

9.1.10 Follow highway safety practices in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Laws of the State of Delaware by walking on the side of the road facing traffic when going to or from the bus or bus stop along the highway.

9.1.11 Before crossing the road to board the bus cross only upon an audible clearance signal from the driver/aide.

9.1.12 Do not cross the road until it is clear of all traffic or when all traffic has come to a complete stop and then walk in front of the bus beyond the crossing control arm and far enough to be seen by the driver at all times.

9.1.13 For unloading, walk at least 10 feet away from the side of the bus and remain in view of the driver. For those crossing the road, walk to a position at least 10 feet in front of the right corner of the bumper and away from the bus. After looking in all directions and being told to begin crossing by the driver or aide, walk to the left edge of the school bus, look for traffic again in all directions, and wait to be told to cross by the driver/aide.

9.1.14 Observe classroom conduct when on the bus.

9.1.15 Do not open the bus windows without permission from the driver, extend any body part out of the windows or call out to passers-by.

9.1.16 Do not leave the bus without the driver’s consent, except on arrival at their regular bus stop or at school.

9.1.17 Keep the bus clean, sanitary, and orderly and do not damage or abuse the equipment.

9.1.18 Do not smoke, use profanity, eat or drink on the bus.

9.1.19 Do not throw articles of any kind inside, around the bus or out of the bus windows.

9.1.20 Other forms of misconduct that shall not be tolerated on the bus and at bus stops are acts such as, but not limited to, bullying, indecent exposure, obscene gestures, spitting, and other actions that may be addressed in the District or school code of conduct.

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18 DE Reg. 961 (06/01/15)

Transportation Information

Transportation Eligibility

Per Delaware Administrative Code, Title 14 Education, all students in grades K-6 that reside in The Laurel School District are eligible for bus transportation. Students in grades 7-12 whose legal residences are two (2) miles or more from the school are eligible for bus transportation. Students in grades 7-12 that live less than two (2) miles from the school are not eligible to ride a bus.

2020/2021 Inclement Weather Bus

The Laurel School District is pleased to announce that beginning Monday, December 2, 2019 any student in grades 7-12 that currently walks to school is invited to register for the Inclement Weather Bus. This seasonal bus will provide transportation to and from school beginning December 2, 2019 and will end on March 27, 2020. Please refer to the chart below for the generic bus stops that are offered. The times listed are approximate pick-up times so plan on arriving to the designated stop early.

Please complete the bottom portion of this form and return it to the school office. A student will only be allowed to ride the bus if registered by completing the form below. If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Office at 302-875-6155.

Bus Stops

8:20 AM Corner of 6th Street & Pine Street

8:22 AM Corner of 6th Street & King Street

8:24 AM Corner of Cooper Street & Governors Avenue

8:28 AM Corner of Central Avenue & Market Street (Market Street Park)

8:30 AM Stop & Shop Store

8:33 AM Corner of Center Street & West Street

8:35 AM Corner of 10th Street & West Street

Bus ContractorContactPhone Number
Davis Bus, Inc.Scott Dykes302-245-7441
Harleydale, LLCStephanie King302-519-5409
Harper's Transportation, Inc.Brenda Harper302-236-0395
Hills Bus Service, Inc.Jay Hill302-542-7048
Lakeside Transportation, LLCTravis Hastings302-841-8843
Lambden Bus Service, LLCJimmy Lambden302-629-4358
McAllister Farm, LLCMary Ann McAllister302-245-4127
Mule’s Busing LLCZachary Whaley302-249-4576
Parker's Transportation, LLCWendy Parker302-519-3171
Paul ParkerPaul Parker302-875-2566
Sandy RashSandy Rash443-359-1394

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