Mission Statement

The mission of the Laurel Alumni Scholarship Foundation, Inc., is to solicit funds from the Regular Members and the Associate Members of the Laurel Alumni Association lnc., and the general public, to provide financial aid to qualified students. Financial aid will be given during the first two years of college or trade school certifications. 

Laurel Alumni Association Membership Eligibility

  • Regular Membership: Applicants must be graduates of the Laurel School District
  • Associate Membership: Eligibility for Associate Membership shall be granted if either of
    the following qualifications are met:
    • Applicant is a spouse of a Laurel High School graduate.
    • Applicant is a current resident of the Laurel School District.
    • Applicant is employed full time by an employer whose business is located in the Laurel School District.
    • Applicant attended Laurel School District for at least two years between the
      seventh and twelfth grades.
    • Applicant is the son, daughter, or grandchild of a current or former member of the
  • A member’s dues must be paid and current to be considered an active member of the
  • Active membership status for the LAA shall automatically confer active membership
    status for the Foundation.

About the Laurel Alumni Association

The Laurel Alumni Association, Inc. (“LAA”) is a non-profit corporation and represents the official organization of alumni of the Laurel, Delaware School District. Organized in 1990, LAA has over 800 members strong and represents alumni ranging from the Class of 1932 to the graduates of last year. We are proud of our heritage and our Bulldogs. We work closely with the Laurel School District on various activities involving alumni and strive to support future alumni financially in their continuing education. Through your support, membership dues have been able to remain just $5.00 per year, or even less when you sign up for five years for only $20.!!

The Laurel Alumni Association Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (“LAASF”) is a separate corporation managed and operated in conjunction with the LAA. Each year the LAASF awards graduating seniors, who are children of members, thousands of dollars in scholarships to be used toward undergraduate degrees. For example, in 2022, LAASF awarded 21 scholarships totalling over $56,300!!

LAASF operates solely from donations, charitable contributions, fund-raising campaigns, and good investment practices. Although a scholarship is not guaranteed just because the applicant’s parents are members of LAA, in the vast majority of years since its creation, all eligible applicants have received scholarships. Scholarship awards depend on the number of applications submitted and the amount of money available in that given year.

If you or your spouse are a graduate of Laurel High School, you are eligible to become a member of LAA and help brighten the future of the upcoming Laurel Alum. In addition, there is an Associate Membership category that conveys the same benefits as a regular membership - even for people who did not graduate from Laurel. At its 2018 Business Meeting, the qualifications to become an Associate Member were expanded to allow the children or grandchildren of LAA members to become LAA Associate Members - regardless of where they graduated. In this fashion, after three years of Associate Membership, their own children will become eligible to receive a LAA scholarship upon high school graduation.


  • President: Randy Hill
  • 1st Vice President: Kelly Whaley
  • 2nd  Vice President:Vacant
  • Immediate Past President: Kelly Whaley
  • Treasurer General Fund: Ellen Hearn
  • Treasurer Scholarship Fund: E. Stephen Callaway 
  • Recording Secretary: Gary Owens
  • Corresponding Secretary: Janet Morgan 
  • Recording Historian: Edna Millman
  • Membership Committee Chairperson: Betsy Davis

The Laurel School District

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