You will keep your Chromebook over the summer and may continue using it in a responsible manner!

CheckboxUse your Chromebook for educational purposes only

CheckboxKeep your Chromebook charged

CheckboxKeep your Chromebook in a secure location

CheckboxBring you Chromebook back with you on the first day of school-you will need it

red xLoan your Chromebook to anyone or leave it unattended

red xCarry your Chromebook by the screen

red xClose your Chromebook with objects in the keyboard

red xUse your Chromebook for gaming or personal web browsing

red xWrite on or decorate the Chromebook 

  • Power off the Chromebook
  • Use a disinfectant wipe to clean
  • keyboard, Chromebook case,and plastics
  • Use soft cloth with a mild detergent to clearn the screen


The Chromebook belongs to the Laurel School District and is an instructional material checked out to you. 

The student and their parents/guardians are responsible to keep the Chromebook safe and secure from loss and/or damage. Fees for loss of or damage to the Chromebook will be assessed.

You may purchase optional insurance to cover damages.

Register for Chromebook Insurance Through SmarT Tech

Repair Costs

Entire Chromebook Loss or Destruction$150
Charger Loss or Destruction$25
Broken Screen$50
Keyboard/Palm rest Destruction$20

Broken lens/camera

OtherPriced as Needed

The Laurel School District

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