Educational Resources

1:1 Application for All Students

  1. ClassLink is the portal to all Laurel School District Apps.
  2. The homepage for all Chromebooks is ClassLink or visit
  3. Log into ClassLink with Google credentials. (firstname.lastname only)
  4. Once logged in you can access the applications you need for schoolwork

Accessing Google Applications

Every student has a google account.  

The format is 

The default password is Dogs plus student ID (lunch number) e.g. Dogs12345


Every student has an email address through Google.  Email can be accessed through ClassLink

Google Drive

Every student has access to Google Drive.  Google Drive can be access through ClassLink

Step by Step:Finding Files On Google Drive

Video:How To Search in Google Drive

  1. Schoology is the learning management system that students use to communicate with teachers. Information and assignments will be posted here.
  2. Locate Schoology in ClassLink or visit
  3. Log into Schoology with Google credentials.
  4. Once you are signed in, select “Courses” at the top of the Schoology home page.
  5. Select each course and familiarize yourself with the content.

For mor information, visit our Schoology page

Getting Started With Zoom on your Chromebook

Test your mic

Test your camera

Online literacy program that provides nonfictionreading content to students in grades 1–12 andfocuses on building phonetic awareness,phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Achieve3000 Literacy is accessed through ClassLink

Support students' math fluency and skillsmastery through individualized practicedesigned to mimic a one-on-one tutoringsession with step-by step support.

Access Achieve3000 Math

DreamBox is an adaptive, online, K-8 math program designed to complement classroom instruction and proven to positively impact student outcomes. Combining a motivating, game-like environment with a rigorous and standards-aligned curriculum it responds to learners’ actions and decisions by continuously adapting to support student competency with math concepts, and promoting strategies for fluency and application- all while empowering educators with real-time data and academic insights to inform instruction. As a student works in DreamBox for one minute, the program collects, analyzes and responds to over 800 data points about that student and how he/she learns. DreamBox challenges and motives all students in three-age appropriate and responsive learning environments- struggling, advanced and on-level ensuring every learner receives instruction in the environment that is right for them.

Dreambox is accessed through ClassLink

Sora is a new user-friendly app thatempowers students to discover and enjoyebooks and audiobooks, for both leisureand class-assigned reading.

Sora is access through ClassLink

1:1 Applications for Elementary Students

Online literacy program that provides nonfictionreading content to students in grades K–2 andfocuses on building phonemic awareness,phonics, fluency, reading comprehension,vocabulary, and writing skills.

SmartyAnts is accessed through ClassLink

Zearn's 1-5 math program is designed to be anengaging and accessible math learning experiencefor all kids. It offers frequent checks forunderstanding, interactive visuals to keep lessonsfun and entertaining, and precise feedback at theexact moment a student begins to struggle.

Access Zearn through ClassLink

1:1 Applications for Secondary Students

Edmentum can be accessed through ClassLink