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The purpose of this course is to educate every student, fifteen years of age or over, in the safe and efficient methods of motor vehicle operation. The objectives of this course are: To develop knowledge, habits, skills, attitudes, and appreciation necessary for the safe use of streets and highways; to effect a reduction in motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving the teenage driver; to establish sound principles that are fundamental to safety in all phases of traffic; to develop a respect for, and an understanding of, state and local traffic laws, rules, and regulations; to become acquainted with the construction, functions, and maintenance of a motor vehicle; to provide practical driving experience through behind-the-wheel road instruction.

Prerequisites: The student must be a minimum of fifteen (15) years of age and in 10th grade

Post Requirements: Students as of July 1, 2001 must be academically eligible based on Rule 4 of DSSAA rules and regulations to be issued a High School Drivers Education Certificate, i.e. the blue certificate. (House Bill 138)

Click here to visit the Delaware Department of Educations website for Driver's Education. For questions regarding your driver's license contact:
The Division of Motor Vehicles
Phone: 302.744.2561

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