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Laurel High School

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Physical Education: The primary focus of Physical Education I is the optimum health of the student for the present and the future. The student will participate in exercises and activities designed to improve the flexibility, strength, agility, physical fitness knowledge, sports skills and knowledge, social skills and positive character traits. To achieve this, each student will be required to, among other things, participate daily to the best of their ability.

Physical Education is required for graduation.

Health: The health curriculum includes the following units of study: Prevention of alcohol, drug and tobacco use, personal and family living (sex education), HIV and sexually transmitted infection education, and relationship communication skills. All subjects are discussed with the students in a manner that promotes responsible decision making, tolerance of personal differences, self-acceptance, and self-respect. All of the topics covered in health class are aligned to the Delaware State Standards for health. One course in health education must be taken by all students.

Health is required for graduation.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Weight training is the most widely used and popular method of increasing strength via circuit training. This is the system that all novice lifters should work on, because the high number of repetitions enables the lifter correct technique and thereby reduces the risk of injury.

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